What is a Co-operative Preschool?

The Siverspring Community Preschool Co-operative operates as a co-operative in accordance with the regulations of the Department of Co-operatove Development and the Co-operatives Act, 1996.  The Silverspring Preschool Co-operative is an organization that is operated and maintained be a Board elected by parent members. 

Co-operative participation can be highly rewarding.  It creates a strong sense of community and can give you a unique connection with your child.  This comes with the committment of time and energy.  It is the parent's participation that makes a co-op unique.  So if you are ready to interact with the young children, play, clean, prepare snacks and know the other parents, we welcome you to join our preschool.

Silverspring Cooperative Preschool, serving Saskatoon, Silverspring and surrounding communities since 2002

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Parent Involvement

The key to a successful co-operative preschool is parent involvement.  By registering in the Silverspring Community Preschool Co-operative parents will be required to help in the classroom on a rotating schedule.  Dependant upon class enrollment this typically works out to each parent being a class helper once every 4-6 weeks.

In addition, each family is responsible to participate in one toy wash during the school year. The toy wash occurs four times annually. We also rely on parent volunteers for other classroom maintenance and request families to assist with another task in classroom maintenance such as floor washing (for four weeks), laundry (for four weeks) , making play dough (3 times/year), shampooing the carpet (2 times/year), mending broken toys, coordinating Elf book orders, and creating a digital slideshow for year end.

Any parent that volunteers to be a member of the Preschool Parent Board will not be required to complete a classroom maintenance duty.